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I was conceived by novae as a white-label global solution to enhance the digital transformation of banks, insurance companies, airlines, retailers, service providers and more.

With a little help from my friends

My handoff capabilities can seamlessly connect you to live Human Reps and back to 'moi', depending on your specific needs. Yes, I'm a hum/bot. They're almost as fabulous as I am, so you won't even know the difference 😎

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Off to the races

It's this simple. After a couple of questions you can start using your miles and cards for countless deals around the world, all with best-price guarantee!

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Set it and forget it

Type in your card info once or simply take a snapshot to set up your preferred payment method. After that you'll experience the fastest checkouts in the west 🤠, meaning invisible payment.

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Clear for takeoff

A simple conversation is all it takes to plan your next vacation.

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End-to-end travel

If you think I’m just going to say 'bon voyage', you’ve got another thing coming. My job is to see your travel from every angle, and that means helping you find everything else to make your time away simply unforgettable.

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A perfect match

You'll also get the Miles Ahead Digital Card, which you can use to accumulate and spend miles. By the way, feel free to mix and match both cards on any purchase. That's what I call 'split payment', my friend.

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You're covered

For both business or pleasure, travel should be a simplified end-to-end experience with real-time solutions on demand and embedded benefits — A fancy way of saying that I'll be your guardian angel away from home 😇

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A second chance

Whether you couldn’t escape traffic or the comfort of your bed, anyone can miss a flight every now and then. In those moments I’ll instantly navigate airlines’ availability and policies to get you flying asap, with no extra charges.

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Making you whole

If you ever find yourself hopelessly alone at baggage claim, just know that I’ll send you instant compensation in the form of Digital Currency, which will go directly to your Miles Ahead Digital Card.

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The doctor may see you now

From a bad migraine to bad shrimp, I’ll connect you to a doctor nearby, able to provide personalized care via Hum/Bot, voice, video or at a healthcare facility. It’s FREE, and you’ll get up to $2MM to cover hospital expenses around the world!

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Swiping days are over

Last, but not least, you can get miles both when purchasing in-app and in-store. Whenever you’re checking out at a contactless card reader, I’ll instantly connect your purchase to your preferred credit card. As always, you’ll have the option to split the bill combining both payment methods. This is what I call: Contactless Rewards! 🤑

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